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The Speshul Snowflakes Yarn Club

Kind of want to join a yarn club but afraid you won't want the yarn of the month?

Too picky? Want to pick your own base yarn? color? Skip a month?

Think you're too much of a speshul snowflake for yarn clubs? This is the club for you.

The club has installments every other month, where you get 1 skein of yarn Your Way.

The month before delivery (odd numbered months) we'll send you a link where you can sign up for just want you want. Every cycle you'll have a choice of at least 3 base yarns (usually more), from laceweight (600+ yards/50g) to worsted (330 yards/150g). At least 1 of the choices every month will be enough sock yarn for a pair of socks, and at least 1 choice will be something NOT sock yarn. We try to always have a worsted wool for soakers.

And you'll get a choice between 2 exclusive colorways. We'll try to have something for everyone. These colorways will not be available in the store otherwise for at least a year after release (and perhaps never).

By the 15th of the selection month we'll send you a link with the Sooper Sekrit colorways and information on your choices for base yarns. You can choose what you want, or choose "Surprise me". If you don't respond by the 25th, or send an email to tell us you're skipping, we'll surprise you.

Then we get to dyeing. Club yarn will ship between the 5th and the 15th of the following month, 1 skein of your color, your yarn. We'll also send extras with each shipment, stitch markers, a pattern, you'll never know what it's going to be until it comes.

You'll also get an option to skip a shipment, because you're a Speshul Snowflake and sometimes you need to do it your way. You'll still get the same number of shipments, just extend your membership by 1 cycle.

Oh, and if you need more, you'll always have the chance to buy additional skeins at a discount at the time you choose your club yarn. Club members can also purchase past club yarn colorways for the duration of their membership (pending availability of yarn and custom dyeing slots), so if you want more of a colorway, or want both colors, you can get that..



Selection Month- We send you a link, you choose your colorway and base yarn. You get the option to skip one month.

Delivery Month- We send you a skein of Yarn Your Way.

Join for 1 shipment, 3, or 6. (2, 6, or 12 months). We offer discounts for pre-paying, and for longer memberships.



1 shipment - $28

3 shipments - Pay as you go $27 each

3 shipments - Prepaid $77 ($4 off)

6 shipments - Pay as you go $26 each

6 shipments - Prepaid $148 ($8 off)

Prices are for club members within the US and include shipping. Canadian members add $1.50 per shipment. Other international orders add 4.50 per shipment for International First class, or $9 per shipment for International Priority Mail. Other arrangements can be made upon request, just contact us.

Packages will be shipped between the 5th and the 15th of the month.

Click here to sign up!