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If you are interested in selling items produced from my designs you will need a license.  I have lifetime licenses available for all designs.  This means that once you've bought a license, and the pattern, you can sell as many of them as you wish. You can make 500 pairs of pants, or you can make 2, and there is no renewal, it's good for as long as you feel like using it.

I started this whole design business because I couldn't afford to buy most of the licenses out there, so I designed my own. I really want to make it affordable for stay at home moms to start this small business. Let's face it, the profits aren't that huge to begin with, but it's a way to make a little money doing something you love. And where else can you make money while you're watching your kids at the playground?  I really want to share that opportunity with people.

If you are interested, you can view the PDF contracts by clicking the name below. Licensing comes with the following benefits:

View the contract by clicking on the links below. Downloading the contract does not obligate you to anything. If you choose to pay for a license, just print it out and mail me a signed copy along with your license fee. You can either use the Pay Now buttons to pay with PayPal, or you can send a check along with your contract. Send me an email and I'll send you the mailing address.

Sheepy Soaker License $30


Sheepy Pants License $30


Bloomies License $30


Skirt Collection License $45


Sheepy Sack License $10


Combined Woolies License (Soaker, Pants, Skirt, Bloomies and Sack) $100


Fingerlings License $12



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