Technique of the Week: Knit On Cast On

I've never really used knitted on cast on because it seemed tedious, but this week I learned a faster way of doing it.  

The instructions go: Make a slip knot on your left needle.  Knit a stitch, and then slip the new stitch onto your left needle: 1 stitch made.  

But you actually never have to take your right needle out of the new stitch.  You can just go right on and knit that stitch again.  Which makes the whole operation much faster.  

The site is live!

The site is live!  I'd really wanted to have the domain transferred over the weekend but it's there now.  Some of you may see a security warning, that is the new site still transfering the SSL information from the old site.  You can bypass it temporarily, but it should also go away within 48 hours.  

In the mean time I've got tons of yarn and fiber to start adding as actual products to the site.  And both clubs are available for sign ups!

 Speshul Snowflakes Club

Speshul Snowflakes Club

Major Web Site Update

I'm in the process of a LONG overdue and major upgrade to the web site.  I'm excited for everyone to see the changes I've been working on.  I think they will make the site much easier to use, especially on mobile devices, and easier to search for products you want, search by color, weight, or theme. 

There's still lots more to do but in the mean time: pretty yarn!


10/15 update

The last batch of Middle Earth Club yarns are shipping today except for those with Eucatastrophe reorders. Those will ship along with reorders hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

If I'm really lucky Snowflake Choices will be out today.  If not then definitely tomorrow.  I will be dyeing those in 2 weeks and then dyeing the last month of Middle Earth club which should ship out on time in November. 

Things are chugging along.  Thanks again for your patience!

Middle Earth Club update

This yarn is in the final stages of dyeing, and a few skeins will start shipping in the next few days.  It should definitely be dry and ready for packing by the 15th as expected.

I am pulling together Eucatastrophe reorders now to be dyed in the next few days.  Expect invoices for those tonight.

Thanks everyone for your patience.