Future Projects

Here are some things I want to make "someday," in no particular order:

A DNA scarf

I wanted to make myself this Cozy because it's freezing cold at my work.

I'll probably make this Summer Shawl soon. It looks quick to make.

I want to make a lace shawl, but I haven't found the right design yet, and I need to love it before I start. This Rambling Leaves one is pretty awesome, but it's not perfect for the yarn I'm trying to use.

This Cabled Baby Hat is adorable.

I also want to work up some colorful fair isle hat(s).

And I need to recreate the Hermione hat and mittens.

I need these Tua Cha cable mitts

I must make these RPM socks,
and these Widdershins cable socks,

And I want to try this 2 at once sock pattern, since I have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome)

I've got some aran knee socks to make up for Caitie.

Speaking of socks, we have some American Girl dolls around here with cold feet. (One is done, stuck in the bottom of my knitting bag)

I am going to make a felted bag from the frogged Cascade Pastaza, but I haven't figured out what shape and size the perfect bag will be, so I'm still pondering that one.

Caitie might need this Rose of Sharon hat and bag. She might need to knit them herself, though!

I'm still eyeing the Boxy Aran Jacket from Debbie Bliss' Celtic Knits .

And I think I liked the head scarf I made my friend so much I'll make myself one.

And I like both the Multi-Chunk Boatneck Shell and the Cable V-Neck, both in Designer Knitting by Kitty Bartholomew. (Ok, when I conducted my yarn pattern to stash inventory/comparisson, I discovered that her patterns don't give you *any* idea how much yarn you need. Very annoying!)

Ooooh and oh MY don't I just ADORE this cable tank Calla. Ohhhh, I'm in love! I do not have any yarn in my stash right now that will do this justice and it's probably not in my budget to get in the next few weeks which probably puts it out of the running for something to make for this summer. Waaahhh! I'm starting it in March 07 though!

There is a tank in my closet that is my absolutely favorite top except that it's red velvet which means I get to wear it what, twice? a year, maybe? So I have plans to deconstruct it and design a sweater.

I am really digging this pinwheel sweater for a little girl (in different colors that don't quite look so much like a bullseye...) I don't know who I'll make it for but some little girl will look adorable in it!

Someday I'm going to make Rogue. I want to be able to afford wool to do it justice.

Same thing with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Aran Coat (no link, sorry) It requires 14 skeins of bulky wool (2.5 stitches/inch)

my DH finally found something he wants. An aran sweater in the O'Donoghue family cables. Suuuuure, no problem. I'll just whip that out. Maybe not. But I ordered yarn!

I've got to make matching American girl/girl sweaters

and I've got to try making these double knit socks

I have a pattern for some super cute felted toddler slippers I need to make

Sock bookmark is in the plans.

Got to make at least one pygmy puff and some Gryffindor socks before the movie comes out.

I want to make the Entwined Cables Pillow from Cables Entangled.

Sean needs this little snake scarf

I'd like to knit some of these charity sweaters too