Have you seen any UFOs?

Welcome to the very first post of my new blog. I've finally caved in joined the crowd.

Right now I have in many projects in various forms of completion...

Unfinished Objects:

A scarf with corkscrew fringe. Made with Angel Hair yarn, in Berry . I made my sister one for Christmas in Black/White Multi and loved it so much I wanted to make myself one. For some reason I never seem to finish the stuff I'm making for myself. It is just seed stich, nothing too fancy, I wanted the yarn to be the star. This yarn is SOOO soft.

A baby lemon hat for a friend having a baby who she calls Lemondrop. I need to re-shape the top and add leaves and stem.

The second of a pair of cable ribbing socks that has been in my purse for about 6 months. This yarn is beautiful, it just looks brown in the pic but it has flecks of many colors in it, very subtle and cool.

A ladybug sweater I made my daughter that is 90 percent done and if I don't hurry up it won't fit her when I finally finish the embroidery.

This shell that I made last spring, out of Microspun, and a my own design. I love it but decided the ribbing on the arm holes could be longer so I frogged some of that and need to reknit it.

And a round baby blanket. This poor blanket has had a sorry life.

It was inspired by a friend, who was having her first girl after 3 boys, and who had been coveting a round baby blanket belonging to another friend.

Then she decided to ban me from her board because of something stupid, so of course I stuffed the yarn in a corner where it sat, mocking me, for months.

Well I found out about a month ago that one of my oldest friends ever from New York is having a girl, so hurray! I get to make the round blanket :) And it really is too beautiful to be resented. It's not the blanket's fault.

Right now I am stuck in ruffle hell. I decided the thing NEEDED a ruffle. (It really does.) And the heavy yarn the blanket is made of (Lion Homespun) made too chunky of a ruffle, so I switched to a fingering weight pink yarn and quadrupled the stitches. So, now there are a bit more than 2000 stitches of 1x1 ribbing per round (ack!)

I am trying desperately to finish the poor thing before the Knitting Olympics. Which, I don't even have yarn for and, um, it's tomorrow. yikes! The rest of my UFOs will have to wait until the Olympics are over.

Wish me luck!

Edited to add:
Check out my new trackers on the sidebar to keep track of my progress