Bloomin' knits

Here's progress on Bloom. It's coming along and I love the slow color changes. It's been sitting under the end table all summer, but now that it's chilling off outside I figured I'd better get busy on it.

Here's a tube sock I'm making for Caitie, too. Super easy to make.

and here's a scarf I just finished. What a great deal this is. The yarn is Feza Fiona, it does that all by itself, and there's enough in a $7.00 ball to make 2 scarves. It's just garter stitch on size 13 needles. Voila! Teacher gift!

One down, 12 to go.

Here's another ball in shades of brown. My local yarn store Stitches 'n Scones, only had these 2 colors in so far, they were samples, but they're supposed to be getting more.