Is it dead yet?

So today I am dyeing some wool yarn for embellishments.

My kitchen looks like this:

Jars of dye everywhere. The whole time I'm working on these, the following conversation is going on between me and my son (who is 4)

DS: What're you doing?

Me: I'm dyeing yarn.

DS: What are you doing now?

Me: Dyeing yarn. I'm trying to make skin color.

DS: What are you doing now?

Me: Still dyeing yarn.


I have discovered that this kid size spaghetti server is the perfect tool for jar yarn dyeing. DS is not too happy about that, but he got over it.

I had the HARDEST time trying to make skin color. It was always too orange, too pink, too dark, too something. I was about to give up and settle on the lightest pinky one I had when I sat down to rest and it came to me...

So then later DS comes in and sees all my hanks laying out to dry and he says:

"Are these dead now?"

*scratches head*

"Did you die them?"