Sheepy Time catch up

I'm using one post to catch up on all the soaker knitting I've been doing when I was too busy knitting and taking care of 3 kids to post about knitting.
I figured I better start working on some pants instead of shorts. These are fibonacci sequence striped longies, made with Reynold's Turnberry Tweed wool. And those of you who felt them in person, they did get a lot softer when I blocked them *whew!*

I've been working on the soaker pattern and this is one that I made in that process. Internal drawstring and I was working out a good ruffle. I like how it came out on this one. Lamb's Pride yarn.

Dinosaur soaker. This is Purewool and some random bits of leftover wool. That Pterodactyl was a PITA.

I finished these shorts a while ago but just finished weaving in the ends and adding the flowers and drawstring. It's purewool (again). Also, I had to take pictures of them a million times because those colors don't want to come out right. This is pretty darn close.