Calla and Cargo

I finished this a while ago but didn't get pictures up of it.

It is Calla from Magknits, made from Debbie Bliss DK cotton.

Modifications: I knit this in the round, and changed the central cable motif.

I also took out the eyelets in the pattern and added a braided cable instead. I didn't particularly want a row of holes going up over my boobs.

And I made the back a little shorter (lower) than the front.

I was trying to take pictures of myself in the mirror when my kids offered to do it. Most of what they took looked like this
Funny to see the 4 year old perspective of you. None of the managed to include any part of my head.

Oh, btw, that dragon is a henna tatoo I did for the Harry Potter book release. I had several, but they're all gone now. Henna only lasts a few weeks.
Here are pics of the pants that I finished a few days ago. I just listed them on Etsy today.