Oh yeah, the other thing...

I remembered what it was I forgot to blog about. But, it really needed it's own post anyway.

So, I took my 9 year old to knit night this week, she worked on a little crochet, and brought some stuff to read. We're all sitting around knitting and she says "Oh Woah! This is a giant knitted bunny!"

So I'm thinking... ok... it's going to be a big stuffed rabbit.

She hands me her National Geographic Kids that has this picture in it. It takes a minute to get a sense scale. Go ahead and look. Look at the house. Look at the person on the belly. It's freakin huge.

You'll probably think, like I did, that it's probably not knitted.

But you would be wrong.

We of course had to google it when we got home. It's an "art" project by a group called Gelitin. (Be warned there are some *very* weird and not very child appropriate things on that site, though, if you decide to go poking around)

Not only is it knitted, but it appears to be all *ribbing*. Think about THAT the next time you complain about all the miles of ribbing you have to do on your project.
How would you like to be the one who had to graft all those seams?

This thing is over 150 feet long and 20 feet high. Made of an unknown amount of pink wool and stuffed with straw.

It is so big that it can be seen from space. Seriously, that's not drawn on there, that's from Google Maps.

And yet look at the gauge. It's not THAT big.

Can you imagine?

Wait, it gets weirder...

If you look really close you can see that the rabbit is actually dead. There is a huge wound on his left side and guts area spilling out on the ground. (They're knitted, too, by the way.)

As someone from from knit night wondered, I'd like to know where they got that much pink wool in the same dye lot.