One of these days...

...I'm going to get my shit together and start updating my blog again.

It's just that right now all of my free time is tied up in getting up and running.

Oh, and finishing the soaker pattern. The final stages are to knit each size, and test how the measurements are working out

So far so good. My friend Janet (who has a Ph.D. in mathematics despite all evidence to the contrary) helped me do some complicated math that allows me to calculate the circumference of the leg holes. It involves pythagorean theorums and gauge math. Fun stuff.

And after a ridiculously simple mathematical mistake (on her part), some bad measuring (on my part), and some false knitting starts (also on my part)....

It works!

That red soaker could easily have been 2 soakers had I not had to rip it back so many times because I can't follow my own instructions. But, it's going well, and now I'm testing the custom math, which also *looks* like it's going well so far.

Fingers crossed.