So I'm really bad about answering questions in the comments. But here they are anyway

A couple people asked me how many Borg references there were in my Ravelry post

The answer is 3

1- Eventually every yarn ever spun and every pattern ever designed will be assimilated within the Ravelry universe and then the knitters can take over the world!

2- You can become one with your projects.

3- Cause, you know, it's Ravelry, and I can't resist.
Resistance is futile.

Critterknit (my blogless friend who moved to Texas, and frequent commenter) asked in the same thread:
Okay, I have to know. What is the leafy shawly thing in the pic toward the beginning of the post? It looks wonderful!

It's something I made for my mom when I was 17 and has come back into my possession to repair and block. When I get around to doing that I'll post pictures :)

A couple people asked what happened to the Noro pants. The answer is, they're still sitting in my inventory bag with a bunch of other soakers and pants. I haven't added anything new to Etsy because I'm setting up http://www.sheepytimeknits.com/ and when that gets done I will have everything put there.

Janet asked in reference to my mentioning her not so obvious math skills:
The evidence to the contrary is my obvious attractiveness and wealth of personality, right? Not my self-professed issues with arithmetic?

To which I reply that she outted herself as being bad at arithmetic in the name of her very own blog, so she shouldn't be surprised when I point it out :) I think it's cool, actually.

Maryann wants to know how much yarn you need for an XL Sheepy Soaker.
I just made one with a skein of Lion Wool and had exactly enough, but not enough to make the drawstring. Lion wool is 2 3/4 oz and 143 yards.

Robin asked:
Now... when a pattern says to basically add stitches after you've been knitting something... like you cast on 8 and knit those for a bit and then add 9 more stitches to the work... what's the correct way to add those 9 stitches to the needle? I did that recently and it worked but ... I know I did that wrong.

without seeing the pattern I would have to say either thumb method of cast on or cable cast on. Knitting Help has an excellent page of lots of cast on methods here

Loraine (sadly blogless) says about my picking up stitches post:
Interesting thoughts, Mandie. How long did it take you to do this? I do the same thing and spend a lot of time researching and much more analyzing everything.

It's really hard to quantify that. It stews around in my mind for a few weeks, but not a lot of conscious thought goes into it until the end.

Holly (also blogless) from Fishers (nearby) wants to know where I yarn shop.
Answer: Locally, either Stitches & Scones in Westfield or Mass Ave. Knit Shop in Fountain Square (which should NOT be judged by it's poor web site). Both stores have great selection of yarn and good service. I'm about equally spaced between them so I go to either, but not often. I also shop online, a lot, and am a big buyer of coop yarn especially for my store inventory.

I really dislike that other store on the north side so much I won't even mention it's name. But if you want really hard to find very expensive yarn (like itty bitty balls of yarn for $85, or there's a huge skein of cashmere in there for almost $300) and sold to you by people that may or may not know anything about yarn or knitting, in sa store owned by an overentitled member of a racing family, and then wound for you into a ball that is so impossibly tight and will stretch your yarn out all to hell, well drive down 86th street for a while around the Keystone area and you'll find it.