1000 words

Making up for no pictures in the last post...

This is Branching Out. Made with 2 balls of Alpaca with a Twist. A real bargain for an alpaca scarf at under $14 total.

This is a gift for my mom's birthday, finished and blocked and I am seriously considering keeping it and giving her a book.

Pictures cannot convey how incredibly soft and yummy this is.

Progress continues on the great Sheepy Time Knits inventory project.

Which means the pile of things that need the ends woven in is getting bigger.

These pants are about 6 inches longer than they were when I took this picture.

And there are more than this, but I don't have pictures of it all. There's a pair of purple pants with weird pooling that I might frog some, and there's a sack that's almost done, and there's the beginning of a cool embellishment I'm excited about... And there's the weird clay pants that can't be the same length no matter what I do.

There's a lot of knitting going on around here.