For the record

I think the Colts have a really good chance of beating the Patriots today... I'm so sick of hearing about the almighty, unstoppable Tom Brady. There is so much hype around here. Apparently if you have tickets to this game you can sell them for $4000. Every single national commentator thinks the Patriots are going to slam the Colts and I just think that's dead wrong.

Yes it's true they're putting up a lot of points, but they really haven't played anyone this year who is all that good. There is no way they're going to be scoring 5o+ points against the best passing defense in the league. Peyton Manning is playing smarter than Tom Brady. Who cares if you win by 12 points or 25? I'm not saying the Colts are definitely going to win, but it's at the very least a close match, and I think the Colts will pull it out.

I have knitting to post later, but I have to get this in here now. Off to finish my longies and watch the game.