Sheepy Time Knits Grand Opening!

Hurray! The site is up!

And there was much rejoicing...

SheepyTimeKnits is live! I'm sure there are a few things still to tweak, and I have lots of stuff still in my head to add to it eventually, but it's up and populated and I'm really really proud of it.

A million thanks to Kat for all the work she put into it.
Meanwhile... This is what we woke up to this morning. First snow of the year.

Molly got up at 4 and wanted to go out in it. Yeah, sure I'll get right on that...

We did end up going out for the bus about 20 minutes early though.
Looks like I finished Sean's winter gear just in time :)

I am getting better. I'm still not 100% and I keep having to rest from playing Snack Shop with Sean, but much better than yesterday.

So now that the site is up and the store is open, I have Christmas knitting to get to...