The end.

The Tragedy
So Molly woke up Friday morning at 5:30 crying in the most pitiful way possible. Seriously, you've never seen anything so sad.

She was miserable, but we couldn't figure out what. She kept saying "I want the _____ back" But what it was? We couldn't tell.

I thought maybe she was saying "I want the body back" but that made no sense.

Then I figured out she was holding on to the princess bracelet we'd gotten her from Disney World and that one of them was missing.

And in fact it was Cinderella

It was quite some time before I realized that Cinderella wasn't missing, she was decapitated

See? A little Cinderella head.

Now it all makes sense.

Once I took the little head off she was able to calm down. But that's just freaky, really. You can hardly blame her.

Fortunately Downtown Disney let us trade it for another bracelet. We chose a metal one that seemed less likely to become decapitated, so all is well now.
Sean's favorite part of DTD was the itty bitty $2 train ride.

Anybody have an extra $100 so I can buy this kind of joy?
Friday evening we had reservations at 1900 Park Fare for dinner with Cinderella and her step sisters and step mother, and the prince.

Overall I found the dinner disappointing. We've done several character dining experiences over the years and this was inferior to the others. Cinderella wasn't at our table long enough to even talk to Molly. Some of the others were good, especially Anastasia.

The food was ok, but not as good as we've had elsewhere, and the price we were charged was substantially more than we were quoted when I made the reservation. Oh, and there was NO parking available at all, the tiny parking lot was more than full.
My favorite part was DH dancing with Anastasia. She cracked me UP.

But really, I didn't think there was anything all that grand about the Grand Floridian.

Plus, I hadn't found my coffee mug yet, that perfect one that I would love and would match my kitchen and I could keep for years as a souvenir. Oh, and this was when I broke the camera. So I was feeling pretty bummed.

I did cast on the second sock though, and knit yet another couple rows on the pi shawl. Nothing new though.

Saturday morning, getting ready for Ohana Breakfast.

See Sean's new Mickey crocs? I seriously considered buying those for myself.

This time it was Lilo and Stitch with Mickey and Pluto that we ate with.

(See the Dream Swatch scarf?)
We almost didn't go to this one because the dinner had been disappointing, but I am so glad we did. This day ended up being one of the highlights of the trip.

The characters were awesome, spent much more time at our table, played with our kids, made a point of connecting with Molly.

Oh and one of my favorite things about dining at Disney? See that plate in front of Molly?
That's all gluten-dairy/casein-egg yolk and peanut free.

The chef comes out to the table and talks to us about what she can eat and likes and then brings her her own plate of food. It's beyond awesome, and you can tell she just loves it. We can usually find her something at a restaurant to get by on, but it's always a plain chicken breast or something else equally boring.

But a pile of Mickey shaped waffles and bacon, eggs, potatoes, and guava orange juice?

The regular food was fantastic as well, there was a tray of fruit, some pineapple bread, and those were I think the best waffles I've ever tasted.
The Polynesian Resort is gorgeous, too. Really jaw droppingly beautiful.
And it's got a beach right on the lake by Magic Kingdom.

(See the Space Needle back there?)

That sand is super soft. And the weather was perfect.
This is actually a ficus tree. Who knew they got that big? I couldn't get far enough away from it to get the whole thing in the shot.
After a while hanging out at the Polynesian, we went back to our resort and went swimming again before the dark clouds rolled in.
There was some hanging out in "the hot pool"

And then the sun came back out.

I was trying to take pictures of Rob throwing Sean but somehow this guy kept walking in front of the picture Every. Single. Time.

Swimming was followed by more golf (the place had at least 3 miniature golf courses) and this very cool double rainbow.
Later my dad watched the kids while DH and I went out. We got to downtown disney again and had a beer, and finally found my mug, and the antenna ball Rob was looking for. It was all a perfect end to the trip.

This sign made the kids laugh every time we went by. It's on 192 and it's actually the House of BEEF, but the House of Bee is much funnier.
Sunday morning we were going to leave early, but I was irritated that I'd spent a week in Florida and still didn't have a tan.

So back to the pool we went. It was the best weather we had the whole week, I think it was around 80 with a nice breeze.
On the way home we stopped and picked real oranges. Molly loved this especially.

So that's the end of the vacation pictures. I'm not telling you yet what I finished knitting on the way home. I still have laundry to do.