Vacation Clues (part II)

(I will note that there are some really good guesses so far, so if you're waiting for more clues you better guess soon... actually I have no idea how good the yardage guesses are because I haven't done the math yet.)

So Monday we hung around the resort, went swimming, went up and down 192, which is one of the tackiest places on earth, and bought some crap. I got Sean a 2007 Disney shirt for $3 since it was the last day of 2007, and talked my niece out of buying clams playing poker for her dad.

The resort was really nice. There were so many creatures right in our back yard. Caitie found another one, this time a very cool tree frog.
It was tiny (and sticky)

We had a great big new year's eve get together in one of the rooms.

I should say that this trip was a gift from my dad and his wife for our entire extended family. He got 3 large condos at the resort, each one not quite as big as our house.

This picture shows my dad and his mom(who lives in Sarasota), Dad's wife and BIL, with Molly laying across them, and my sister and her daughter. That's not even half of the people that were there.

There was food and wine and I knit until I finished the sock:
And then had more wine and played Euchre all night. I have forgotten how very much I enjoy playing cards and need to find a way to keep doing it now that we're back.
Some people didn't make it
This picture of daddy sends the kids into fits of giggles

Caitie and I managed to stay up until midnight and then collapse.

Next day (Tuesday) we drove to Clearwater Beach to visit DH's parents and aunt and uncle. I completely forgot the camera, but it was far too cold for the beach. Their pool was heated and quite warm so there was more swimming, but it was quite the shock getting out of the water with that cold wind.
On the way there and back I began and finished this Dream Swatch head scarf out of some acrylic yarn that my kid's had gifted me. I added an extra row between the drop rows because otherwise the yarn was pooling weirdly (and because I cannot follow a pattern, I just can't).

It's a bit bulkier than I wanted and a little too short for me, so I gave it to Caitie, who loves it.

I will have to make myself another one though, in the blue/green/purple color family, as I really like the pattern and the idea. Maybe I'll try to follow the pattern next time.