Yes, again.

Did I mention that I took over 1000 pictures on this trip? That's what happens when you go on vacation with a new camera that takes really fast pictures. But there's actual knitting related stuff in this entry, at least.

We made a quick stop at the Purple Purl, which is a lovely little shop. I almost fell down and spent $60 on some pretty silk/linen, but I resisted, and got out spending a little less on some pretty lilac yarn that Caitie and I want to share.

Then we took the ferry to Center Island, which the kids loved.
Terrorist Fist Jab
The ferry, in addition to being really fun if you're a 5 year old boy, gives you a great view of Toronto.
We visited Franklin's Garden, which was concluded to be "lame".
I was sworn to never show this picture to any of Caitie's friends. Since I'm pretty sure none of her friends read my blog, I think I'm safe.
There was more beach (still cold).

It was a beautiful day.
Looking back through the pictures now I can see what happened.

Rob was taking this flattering picture of my back side, when Molly wandered off. She got really very lost, and what followed was a ridiculous chase with me and a guy who worked there who had a walkie talking running around from place to place and getting bits if information. Is she wearing pink shoes? Saw her running by the petting zoo. Someone saw a girl in a pink skirt running over the bridge. Apparently several people tried to ask her if she was lost, but she just looked at them blankly and ran away. Everywhere we ran to where they just saw her, but she wasn't there anymore. And I am not a good runner. Running = difficulty breathing. Not good.

I could totally envision her getting on the ferry by herself and was fairly well freaking out by the time someone else who worked there finally caught her and held on to her until we got there.

Dinner and a beer later, I was almost back to normal. The guy who chased her down with me ended up being our waiter, and he ended up dumping a tray of drinks all over himself, which was hilarious and totally made my day. He got a very big tip.
After dinner I went back to Lettuce Knit for knit night (Rob took the kids back to High Park).

It turned out to be Megan's baby shower, so there were a TON of people there. It was a little weird to crash her shower. Apparently it's a pretty regular occurence for someone from out of town to come on knit night. Stephanie sprayed me with some kind of miracle air conditioner stuff that she said was the best thing American's ever invented. I don't know if I would go *THAT* far. I mean there was that whole lightbulb thing. But it was pretty cool.

I sat in the back off to the left and boggled that a baby would be so loved as to recieve so many gorgeous hand knits. I thought about Kinnearing Stephanie, but decided it's not possible to pull off with my big new camera, a down side I had not foreseen. I had some nice conversations with several Toronto knitters whose names I completely couldn't remember when I got back and wanted to look them up in ravelry. If anyone knows who the maker of the Elizabeth Zimmermann longies and sweater were, let me know.

Rob came back around dusk with everyone and Caitie jumped out exclaiming "I want to meet the Yarn Harlot!" Stephanie was a very good sport about it (you get the feeling that probably happens to her a lot), and we had a nice chat about fun things to do in or around Toronto. Caitie was a little star struck. (So was I, really.) We mentioned we were going to Ontario Place the next day and Stephanie gave Caitie the tip that you can see the nude beach on the Island from the top of the blue slide.

Rob blinded us all with the strobe light on my camera before we had to take off. (See very pregnant Megan behind me?)
Caitie declared after we drove away "The Yarn Harlot is weird - but in a good way." That's really high praise from a 10 year old.
And this was about 3 minutes after we got on the road back to our camp site.