Love and Seamonsters

One of the answers to what is on my needles right now is this:

These are gloves (yes, gloves. Not fingerless gloves, not mittens, gloves), that I've been working on for a while.

The seed of the idea for these fell from a woman who attended our knit night a few times a few years ago. She had some stranded gloves made with handpainted yarn that were just gorgeous. I decided then that I was going to make some gloves.

I poked around looking at glove patterns. It didn't take me long to figure out I was going to have to make my own, because if I'm going to put that much time into something, I want them to be exactly how I want them.

I wanted them to be long(ish). I wanted them to be true fair isle, and I wanted the main colors to be purple. I wanted them to be subltle and colorful and beautiful.
If I had not ripped these back at all the first glove would be done already. I think I did the ribbing 4 times. I keep changing stitch count, colors, the thumb gusset was wrong. But, I loooove them more deeply than I've possibly ever loved another one of my knits.

BTW they're still not right. I don't like the colors in the center of the star. So I will most likely rip that back, but not until I figure out what to do.

Also, it's really hard to take a picture of your own hand.

They should probably be finished right about the time when the snow is melting.

One more thing to share, now that my swap partner has recieved her package, I can share. We were supposed to make something under the Care of Magical Creatures theme. I've wanted to try out this guy for a while, so here it is.
I made it out of 4 hanks of embroidery floss. If I were to make him again I would probably use something thinner/split the floss, and use a smaller hook (don't ask me what hook I used, I can't remember.)
The pattern is Seeungeheuer and can be found here, but it's in German. It comes with a chart, and I can offer the following for anyone who wants to try to make them.
Stabchen and St = American dc
halbes Stabchen and hSt = hdc
FM = sc
"Bogen aus LM entsprechund der Zahl" translates to "chain according to the number"
The words along the side of the tail translate to "continue to the head"
Also one more tip - start at the neck, work the body to the tail, then go back up to the head.