Hear Me Roar

So, you may recall my post from a few days ago, when my Pi shawl looked like this:

I'd decided that spring was here and it needed a gentle wash and re-blocking. Things were going great until a thread broke in the border. I believe Caitie actually broke it by jabbing the blocking wires into it too hard (no, that's not why she's in trouble).
After I'd finished the shawl last year I had an entire ball left (plus a few yards, which I can't find). So I'd passed it on to my friend Janet, who brought it over to me Friday afternoon so I could perform a little emergency surgery:

I pinned it all out first, to get a good look at the damage. Good light and steady hands are required.
One tiny broken thread, on a stretched out lace border. Really it could have been worse. It's merino, and single ply, so there's a fuzz to it, and it doesn't like to run to terribly far.

These pins are color coded. The ones in the top are marking the path of yarn in a place that isn't broken. The ones in the bottom are there for me to use as a guide to re-create the stitches that unraveled. First I wove the end of the new yarn in a good ways so it couldn't come loose. Then I started following the path that it was supposed to take, over this loop, under that one.

I am awesome. I just performed miracle knitting surgery. Dude I rock.
That is unblocked, too. It's so good now I can't even find the spot where it was.
And now my shawl is all blocked and wonderful again. I am so amazed with my own ingenuity. Really.