Random Tuesday

I haven't been blogging much because I've been busy. So this is a random catch-up post.

One thing I've been busy with is driving almost an hour each way to take Molly to camp. This camp is called Lose the Training Wheels, and it's remarkable.

For as long as I can remember, therapists have been trying to get Molly to pedal. Apparently this is an important way to practice motor planning, something that Molly doesn't do well (which is why, she has always sucked at pedaling).

I wanted to get her into this camp last year but it filled up before I could find the money. (FAST). This year we got in to the *last* slot. 2 weeks ago, Molly could barely ride a trike or bike with training wheels. She could only go a few feet, then she'd get stuck and frustrated, and get off. She just wasn't coordinated enough.

They started them out on those bikes (above) with the roller wheel. There are 8 different rollers that allow the bike to tilt more or less, depending on where they were at. By the end of the first day, somehow, Molly was riding that thing around the rink and grinning like crazy.

By Thursday, she was doing this:

Poor Courtney who was her assistant had to run with her around that parking lot in 90-94F heat. (She ran a marathon earlier this year, I am dully impressed. She needed the training for this.)

By the last day, she was riding her *own* new (PINK) bike, with no handle. And I got to run along beside her (I am so not in enough shape for that- wow, it was hot).

I am so impressed with this program, and so proud of Molly. That was HARD work.

Other random things:

Today I tagged all my WIPs in ravelry for WIP wrestling in July. I have a LOT. (I think 11 that I tagged, and a couple more that I didn't even bother) Here's one:

Yes, that's Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Yes I know it's not superwash and can felt. Yes I love it anyway. If you don't like it- fine, don't wear it, but stop telling me about it!

I've also been finishing some things:

Yarn is Hedwig (mine). Pattern is Pulsation. LOVE them. Tons.

I finished this today. Pattern is the Honeymoon Cami from Knitty, altered a lot. Yarn is Eden Mardil (bamboo). I love it too, love the color and the drape. It's splitty though, but worth it. Ironically now that it's done, the temperatures here have dropped 25 degrees. High of 68 and rainy tomorrow.

These are for my friend Tammany's baby, that is due soon (and not soon enough for her!)

Those bloomers are a pattern I'm working on. That's another thing that's keeping me busy. It's late in the test knitting phase and I hope to have it available for you very soon.

Oh and speaking of wheels

That there is my friend Peg's wheel, a Reeves. It is beautiful. She thinks I'm borrowing it. I don't think I'm going to give it back. Wheel? What wheel?

It is such a wonderful time-suck. It's also one of the only things I can do with my kids around, surprisngly enough. And so there is lots of this:

Lots of it. I am having so much fun.