Wow were these ever on a long journey here

Last summer I registered for Sock Summit, and one of the classes I was lucky enough to get in to was Making the next Monkey, with Amy Singer (editor of Knitty).

I'd been designing sock patterns for a while, and I'd submitted one to Knitty before that was turned down, so of course I felt like I had to come up with something great to show Amy at the class, but nothing I could come up with was innovative enough. This idea came to me just a couple days before I left for Portland and I churned them out in record time. I knit almost all of the first sock on the planes.

Amy liked my pattern and thought it had a good chance of getting in (sweet!). She gave us all some tips and I went home and took them all in and submitted it for winter issue, and waited. A lot.

They didn't make it in that issue (and I'd seen Skew in person and kinda knew why!), but Amy was interested enough to ask if she could hold them for the next issue. So I waited some more.

Well they finally did get turned down, and now that I've edited it together into a PDF for all of you I've added it to my store.

The pattern comes in 4 sizes, from tiny women's (the first pair was too small for me and went to my friend with wee feet) to Men's. Knit top down, and a really fast knit, with just a little something to keep you interested. The gusset wraps around the front of the foot and lets the swirly twisty thing go straight down to the floor.

The name is inspired by Through the Looking Glass, because of the way the socks are mirrors of each other (with maybe a small nod to the Lost Sideways reality). Hope you like them!