Playing catch up

Wow, so I haven't blogged in a while. I need to stop doing that.

Here's a few quick updates. Rob is still looking for a job. The contract that he was working for 2 months expired January 1st. They asked him to work an extra week twice, but that's done now. Living off of just my income is really stressful but I'm trying to make it work.

Everyone has the day off today so the family has gone sledding so I can get some dyeing done. I have 3 or 4 patterns in various stages of working, and a couple more that are just ideas in my head with no time to work on them.

Here's a few pictures of some stuff I got done in the last month

I finished this vest a while ago but I don't think I posted pictures on my blog. It's a heavily modified Wavy Textured Vest from SweaterBabe. I was really not very impressed with the pattern, it's written in a weird format that was a pain to knit, I added shaping and shortened it about 2 feet (it was a duster). But I do really love the finished project and wear it all the time. It's double stranded Cascade 220, 1 quatro, 1 grey, and I really like the effect of that, too.

These will have to represent all the Christmas knitting, because I was apparently too busy to take pictures of most of it before I gave it away. These were for my niece. There was also a really cool Doctor Who scarf in bookmark form (1/4 scale, fingering weight yarn), given with a Doctor Who book, and a cowl, and some other stuff. Oh and also this scarf from Creative Knitting: Accessorize in Style:

That very one, in fact, because I knit the sample for the magazine last spring and they gave it back to me. Awesome when you can manage to get paid to knit a Christmas gift.

I've also been accomplishing some spinning again after taking some time off.

Tiger Club from October. Thriller, BFL, spun into 2 ply sock yarn.

And this was from Spinnerette, some Punta top spun into fingering weight singles. I'm trying the singles sock experiment.

And last, some more Tiger Club, this one was Merino/bamboo/silk blend and was dreamy to spin. 2 ply laceweight will make something yummy eventually. Right now I'm just petting it.