It's all up from here... right?

It's been a hell of a week.

For weeks now I've been having headaches, what I thought were sinus headaches.  The weather's been weird, it's fall, I thought a cold, or allergies.  Except that none of my normal sinus remedies were making any kind of dent in it.  And I tried all of them.

Then over the last week or so my upper molar started to hurt.  The insurance at Rob's new job doesn't start until October 1st, so I've been trying to get by without seeing anyone for either of those 2 problems until then.  I started to get the feeling they might be related, or at least making each other worse.  Thursday night the tooth pain started to get to me and by Friday I started looking at where I could go on Monday that took uninsured patients at a reduced fee.  By the middle of the night Friday I was crying in pain and we went Saturday morning to the urgent care dental place where I got... a root canal.

It turns out that my tooth (bottom bicuspid by the way, NOWHERE NEAR MY SINUSES, or where I was feeling the tooth pain) was causing all my headaches.  WAY before I was aware there was anything at all wrong with my teeth.  Referred pain is weird.

I am sooo happy to be headache free now.  The $1300 was totally worth it.  I'm dealing with the post-root canal garbage pretty well, but I get tired easy and the antibiotics are mucking around with my body.

Today I was working on a  document I was supposed to write last week, and in a fit of complete idiocy I closed the window, thinking I was closing a different window.  It even asked me if I wanted to save it and I said no (because I didn't want to save the other window, duh).  It's gone.  4 hours of work, poof, gone, unrecoverable.  I tried.

As soon as another responsible grownup gets here it's time for margaritas.  And more puffs.