A Tale of Two Sweaters

Earlier this year, around the same time, I started working on 2 sweaters.

The first was a handspun Tappan Zee

I'd wanted to make this sweater since I first saw it (which was before anyone else because it was in the same issue of Knitty as Summit and I got a peek at it when I was proofing my own pattern).  I got the fiber (a merino silk blend) almost immediately after at a fiber festival, but it took me a while to actually get it spun.

The second sweater was Molly's VERY yellow Shalom cardigan, which I turned in to a hoodie and knit at a different gauge than the original.

It wasn't until I started working on these 2 patterns that I realized something

Yeah that's right, they are pretty much the same sweater.  One is sport weight with lace diamonds, and one is super bulky with twisted rib, but they're both top down, short sleeved yoke sweaters with concentric rings of increases and garter stitch edges.

Same. damn. sweater.

It's ok, I love mine and Molly loves hers so it's all good.