I swear some day I will be one of those people who blogs twice a week.

I've been busy churning out club yarn, and my husband and I went on a long overdue trip for our 15th anniversary.  Actually our first trip anywhere without our kids in 13 years.  We stayed at a B&B in Nashville, Indiana, which was just the thing.  We slept in, and walked and walked and shopped and ate and drank local beer and wine.  It was probably the first vacation I've taken in 15 years that actually felt like a vacation.  My only regret is I wish I'd taken more pictures.  I got a lot of knitting done but I can't show you (yet).

In other news, I've been running.  You can see the widgets over on the right.  I still can't call myself a proper runner but I'm not giving up until I can actually run 5K.  My friend Janet and I did Mallow run a few weekends ago and finished it in 51:29.  I'm hoping to trim some off of that for Run Like Hell (in which we wear costumes!)

And in Sheepy Time news...  We opened up a Time Traveler's club with Doctor Who themed yarn which will be open for a few more days and then we're going to start dyeing the yarn.

And since I can't have a blog post without at least 1 picture.... I may have been sucked in to making a 4th Doctor scarf:

(If you know Andy don't tell him)