Knee socks take 2

So Molly's response when I started making the rainbow knee socks was to get a huge grin on her face and say for ME?  

lol NO.  Those are MINE.  (And also WAAAY too big for her- miss no-calves).  However I did tell her when they were finished I'd make her a pair.  And so I did. 

 I made them following the same basic idea.  The yarn she picked is Knit Picks Felici Sport Weight, in the colorway Recess.  But Molly is 12 and won't take great care of them, so this yarn is both inexpensive and faster to knit.

I used size 2 needles.  I cast on 56 stitches, only increased up to 60, then decreased back down to 48 for the ankle and foot.  Making them so narrow they won't fit anyone bigger than a size 2, but also making them considerably faster than mine :)

Molly does NOT like to model so Caity did it for her.