Shave and a Hair Cut

The past week or so I've been shaving a lot of my knits.  Like blocking, I never seem to stop being amazed at how much of a difference it makes in how good the items look, so while I was mid project I thought I'd take a picture

These are handspun Cormo (one of my favorite breeds).  If you don't have one of these big shavers it's worth getting.  They can be found at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $15, and they will make your knits look like new again.  In my experience things pill less after their first shave, because most of the short fibers have already come out.

 And since I probably never blogged this pair of mittens, here's the original pictures of them

3 ply cormo, from Winterhaven Fiber Farm, purchased at Greencastle Fiber Fair.  Bulky-ish, I didn't bother with WPI or anything.

The mittens were just improvised and took me 3 days to knit in January 2011, using just under 100 yards.