Time Traveler's Club update

First, we just released some of the first Time Traveler's color as a regular color, Bowtie.

It can be found along with the rest of our Who inspired colors here.

Melody Pond will be out this week, for a LIMITED run.  We won't be carrying this colorway on a continueing basis (we can always dye discontinued colors if 6 or more skeins are ordered)


A lot of people have been asking me for a while if and when there would be another round of Time Traveler's Club, and I have been saying I'm not sure if there will be, at least for a bit.  I was having trouble coming up with enough colors I thought would be good.

And I have this idea for a There And Back Again club which is quite appealing to all my color senses.

But it's the 50th year of Doctor Who, I really don't see how I can not commemorate that with one more round.  And my brain unfogged and thought of a lot of new color ideas.

So there WILL be another round of Time Traveler's Club, starting in May, and including 4 shipments, ever other month, for the rest of 2013.

I'm really looking forward to more Who.  Look for sign ups to start at the beginning of April.