Mithril Maiden

When some of my Ravelry friends started an Iron Maiden KAL I immediately had an idea.  You could practically see the cartoon lightbulb over my head.

What's better than Iron?  MITHRIL

And the pattern does have a sort of chain mail look to it.

So I set about in my dye pots and made myself some yarn.  Silk yarn, obviously because what's better than silk?  NOT MUCH.

You could see me wearing the finished shawl in some of the Stringtopia pictures from the last post, but Caity is a better model (and I am a better photographer than my husband, but I love him anyway).
She's channeling her inner elven princess:

The pattern is a really quick and easy knit, once you get over some weirdnesses in the chart.  Kind of like potato chips.  I could easily see myself making another one. 

More about the yarn later.