Store Status Update

This is an email that was sent to club members on 10/1/16

Hello All,
First let me apologize for not sending this information by email sooner.  Some of you may have seen on Ravelry that we had a medical emergency.  On September 20th a family member was in the ICU out of town for 3 days, and it has taken longer than I expected to recover.  Things seem to be going about as well as we could hope at this point, and that's really all I feel comfortable sharing. 

That came during a busy work week for me, and l have not yet gotten through that work.  This means there will be delays in all areas of Sheepy Time Knits. Here is where things stand right now:

All orders outside of club orders are completed.  I will not be taking custom orders until all clubs are caught up. 

Middle Earth Club yarn is delayed.  It was to have been shipped by yesterday.  Some yarn that was in progress had to be tossed and started over.  I don't want to make a promise I can't keep so I am going to say it should all be shipped by October 15th, although hopefully it will be sooner.  Reorders of the previous club color may add 2-3 days.  We will not send invoices for reorders until a few days before I am ready to dye them.  You are of course free to cancel those orders if you want to.

Snowflake Club yarn for October will also probably be delayed.  I have samples already dyed but it will take some time to get the choices page made.  I want to allow at least 2 weeks for voting and 2 weeks for dyeing.  Depending on how things go that could delay that club by up to 2 weeks as well, but I should be back on a normal schedule after that. 

I plan to resurrect the long silent blog to post updates rather than email everyone frequently and clog your mail boxes.  You can check there for status updates

I'm very sorry that this has kept me from being on time this month with your orders, and I will do my best to complete them as soon as I can.  I want to be as transparent as possible.  As most of you know I am the only dyer in the business, and I want to make sure everyone gets high quality yarn as soon as I can.If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask.