Technique of the Week: KFB alternative

Here’s an alternative to knit front and back (kfb). Knit through the front loop, then go into the same stitch through the back loop, but instead of knitting, just slip it off. It’s much cleaner and without the bar that makes most people not like kfb increases. You might more accurately call it kfs or kfsb (Fnit Front Slip Back), but you can always do it this way when a pattern calls for kfb.

Some people commented that they get a whole with this increase, but I find it smooths out nicely for me, especially when done in a series of increases for shaping.

Topographically this is the same as doing a lifted increase a row earlier. It might be a little looser, but it’s faster and easier to do, so depending on what you’re making you can decide which is better. Knitter’s choice!