Well I haven't updated my blog in ages. I got distracted by things, I guess

I have been working on my original soaker and longies patterns. So far I only have a few pictures.

This is a toddler sized soaker in 100purewool from Uruguay (the SOFTEST wool I've ever felt). The colorway is Ontono Fantasia.

It is knit in the round with a pleated waistband (sort of a modified Curly Purly waistband), short rows in the back, and I grafted the seam at the crotch.

This is another soaker, a little bigger, from the same yarn, in the colorway Fiesta. I gave this one rolled cuffs. The ends aren't woven in because the intended recipient hasn't tried them on yet.

Here's a picture of the back, you can see the short rows if you look *really* close
And here's Victoria's Longies, in the colorway Antonella.