I have nothing to knit!

I actually said that last week.

I'd finished several projects. I'd finished the lemon hat and shipped it off to person it was for.

I'd finished the soaker I was working on, and I was waiting on yarn or measurements for a few more.

So I wove in the ends of several more projects... a couple wash cloths

The Round Blanket....

(isn't it *beau*-ti-ful?)

(Spike likes the blanket)

I didn't feel like finishing a scarf or a sweater when it was 75 degrees. I have second sock syndrome and don't WANT to finish the cable socks.

My DH reminded me *again* about the fair isle celtic knot scarf I owe him... but I STILL don't want to knit a scarf in April.

Oh and check out what fairies did to my dishcloth... *sigh*

So I brought out the green chenille my daughter picked out ages ago and figured out what to make with it. We chose this pattern from Knitty called Bloom (modified to fit her size).

And while I was on Knitty I remembered that I wanted to make myself this Cozy because it's freezing cold at my work.

And I did dig out the striped tank to finish working on the ribbing so I can wear it this summer. Didn't actually WORK on it, but I dug it out... and I put the stitches back on the needle that fell off.

Then I remembered I need to pay back my dear friend for making me these awesome graphics for Caitie's birthday party, so I dug into the stash yarn for a head scarf. And I fiddled around for a whole day trying to figure out how to get the eyelet pattern to work with the triangle increases. It was half done when I went to bed last night. Late this morning I found the needles to it in 1 place and the scarf in another, and ended up taking out 6 rows trying to get it back on the needles properly (I HATE frogging lace! )

And while I was working on that, I got 2 more soaker orders (although, I am *still* waiting on measurements for one of them)

Here's the yarn:

It's purewool, the colorway is called Blauer Reiter. Sooo beautiful!

So, I've decided I needed to keep a log of my future projects for times when I *THINK* I have nothing to knit

Check out my new trackers over there ------------------>

Aren't they cool? They are from indigirl though I made up a few of my own too :)