So, here are some more things I want to make "someday"

THIS is the cutest little cabled baby/toddler sweater I've ever seen and Sean needs to have it.

There is a tank in my closet that is my absolutely favorite top except that it's red velvet which means I get to wear it what, twice? a year, maybe? So I have plans to deconstruct it and design a sweater.

I like this little tie on sweater, too

And I want to try this 2 at once sock pattern, since I have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) But I am forcing myself to finish the cable socks first.

Our dog needs a dog sweater before it gets cold again, he has a very short coat and no tolerance to cold weather. Haven't figured out just what, yet.

Speaking of fall, I owe my DH a fair isle scarf because he saw the josephine's knotwork I put on the longies and he has to have it.

And I really want a corkscrew scarf, too....

This is of course not including all the patterns I have printed out here in my binder lol

And I have a million ideas for soaker variations. But I think I'm keeping those to myself!


here's Max's shorties so far

Looking pretty cute, I think :)