Happy Birthday To Me!

Colored Denise Interchangeable needles from knittinghelp.com arrived today. I LOVE them.

I've thought about getting interchangeable needles for a long time but I was really thinking I'd end up with a bamboo set. Both bamboo sets I know of are $100 or so, with fewer needles, but I really didn't think I could enjoy knitting on these Denise needles, which are resin. The plastic needles I've used in the past were awful.

One of the wonderful ladies from my knitting group let me knit on some of her Denise a few weeks ago and I HAD to have them. Lucky for me my birthday was coming up so my DH bought them for me. I asked for the colored ones, which are more expensive, but worth it, I think. I'll hopefully have these for a lifetime, so I might as well have some that make me happy.

My birthday isn't for 2 weeks, but I get my present early. Yay!