Sheepy Pants

I've been working my fingers off getting ready for Earth day this week:

The cherries capris and the snake shorties were done but not embellished, the rest of them I knit this week. The red sack was an order, the others I made as samples for the Earth Day Festival. My local mom's group ran a diaper changing and nursing station, and also provided information on cloth diapering and baby wearing. We have a bunch of cloth diaper samples given to us by various companies so people can see them in person. I wanted to have some soaker samples too.

Here's a closeup of the back of the blue one. It's my favorite - though it drove me crazy to make. The yarn was dry and hurt my hands, and it's hand spun and was supposed to have texture variation (which I knew when I ordered it, I thought it would look cool for the water) but this had such thin parts that I kept having to break it and splice it back together. VERY annoying. I had about 2 yards left at the end *whew* And then I had more trouble embroidering that orange fish on top of the uneven stitches.
BUT... I think it turned out awesome.

Back of the snake shorts. I really like how these came out.
I'm pretty close to opening a store. I'm about 90% decided on a name

I have 4 more orders to work on, that will keep me busy for a while.