Bad blogger

I have been really bad at keeping my blog up to date lately. What can I say, the pattern and store is keeping me busy, and I'm busy with other fiber things, and, well, having all 3 kids home for the summer is really kicking my ass. We only got 1 session of special needs camp for Molly. And she's had some food infractions. It's been fun (not.)

Here are some fibery pictures to entertain you in the mean time.

Yes, I caved and made a spindle too. I love it.
I borrowed my mom's wood burner to decorate it.
And I've been spinning with it....

A friend of mine is convinced that those ballband dishcloths are crack (you know, once you start, you just can't stop). Possibly because so many people in our group seem to be unable to stop making them.

But I'm going to have to disagree. The dishcloths are fun, even slightly addictive. You may not be able to make just one, but you can easily stop after 2 or 5...

Spinning is crack.

My first yarn. Plied and everything. There's more, too.