I have been eyeing this Stag Bag on Knitting Daily for a while now. I saw this post a few days ago and that was it, I had to do it.

But, I have no money, or, well I have money, but I have to pay people with it so Molly can be less crazy, so it has to be made from the stash. I dived in and came out with 6 skeins of undyed something like DK weight wool/mohair from who knows where (it's Spinnerin, and is old). It's a bag, who cares if the gauge isn't exactly right. So late last night I ended up doing this:
I think I am going to call it my Prongs bag. Fortunately my husband humors me when I go off like this. He helped me skein 4 balls of yarn and then I went to work mixing up whatever I had to get these colors. I wanted vaguely Gryffindor colors, but I wanted the red to be a dark, brownish red, since I didn't think I'd love a red stag and trees. I am so excited I can hardly stand waiting for the yarn to dry.

Oh, and I also got sucked in by the Yarn Harlot in to the Mystery Stole 3 group. Apparently I wasn't the only one because it went up about 2000 people on the day that the Harlot blogged about it.

It's too late to join now, though, so if you want to make the stole you'll have to wait for fall when it's for sale. Or you can make one of her previous mystery stoles now, the patterns are on her site, and they're beautiful.

You'll note, though, that I'm not making the stole until I know what it is. Sorry, but I can't make a lace stole when I have no clue what it is. Not when Harry Potter 7 is getting ready to come out and I'm trying to stock my store. Though I am laughing hysterically at some of the guesses that people are making on the group. Goats? Spiders? ALF?!?! Seriously, people... what are you thinking? And there's NO FACE in the first 2 clues, I don't care what anyone says.