Conversation in our house the other day

The first full day of school for my older kids, I want to take my 4 year old out for the day.

Me: First we're going to the yarn store and then we're going to go to the play ground.

DS: But why are we going to the yarn store?

Me: To get yarn. (Duh ,right?)

DS: (Gesturing wildly) But we already have ALL these yarns around here!?

He spent the whole car trip there telling me about how we already have Yarns, we don't want any new Yarns, there's no place to put any more Yarns, we can't possibly need more Yarns.

And to those of you thinking he just wanted to go to the playground, he didn't. He didn't even want to go to the playground after we left the yarn store (he did enjoy it once we got there though!). No, he just couldn't wrap his brain around the idea of more yarn.

My son doesn't get me....