Finish and Start

The OVERWHELMING response to the Noro longies was keep going with the stripes, so I did. I'll post them Sunday hopefully. They're looking pretty cool, thanks for the advice!

So I'm on this big push to reduce the number of WIPs in my Ravelry page.

These are Caitie's tube socks. They're more like slipper socks. I started them early last spring. A lot of my hibernating projects are cool weather projects and it got too hot for me to want to finish them.
Made out of cheap acrylic yarn that she liked. No idea where I got it.

She loves them, and has slept in them twice since I finished them.
There was a little drama in the finishing. I went out with a friend for coffee last Sunday and decided to take them with me to finish.
The needles weren't in them but I was pretty sure I was working them on 3's, so I took them with me and worked on them for a while.
4 inches later I discovered something critical. Just because you use your needles so much that the writing rubs off doesn't mean the mm on there that you can't see anymore doesn't matter.
Size 3 needles and 3 mm needles are not the same thing.
But, they're finished now. And I had coffee with a dear friend, and I was knitting. so it wasn't like it was time wasted.

These washcloths are lovely and addictive until you've made 5. I'm pretty sure they wear off after 5. I had to force myself to finish the second one of these.
I'm just not as charmed by the simple and lovely pattern now. I still really like them, but, well I've made 5. And actually I really want a black one. I think what's fun about them is seeing what the color combinations will come out like, but then once you do 4 inches you know what they look like....
Last weekend I went to the Knit Stop because they were having a sale.
Ended up without any sale yarn (1/2 price). I kept picking it up and putting it back. I do not need more yarn that doesn't go with projects I already have in mind. And I have 148 projects in mind. (How shocking is THAT to know?!) SO I'm sticking with those. 150, yep, that's my limit. Err, maybe 160. But that's all.
So I got this Baby Alpaca for Branching Out, which I'm making for my mom's birthday, in November.
And some Cascade 220, boring, but I needed it for something. This is the insanely too tight ball that they wound for me. I've already re-wound it, I couldn't stand it. Be nice to the wool!
Today I met my long lost friend Julie who moved to Texas at Mass ave and got this.
The green Flake Cotton was recommended by Susan as a substitute for Euroflax in the Dragon Skin wand holder from Charmed Knits. I'm just not going to knit a wand holder with Euroflax. I like the skin on my hands where it is.
The other is Artyarns Ultramerino for the Fawkes socks.
It is taking ever ounce of will power in me not to completely drop my other projects and start those Right. Now.
And can I just say how very much more I like Mass Ave than Knit Stop. Seriously. Worth the drive in the wrong direction from everything else.