Stitch 'n' Sip

Our local group of knitters went to a little get-together thing at Eric's house yesterday

It turns out that people don't drink or eat that much when they're knitting. But it was a great time anyway!

You know, I had my camera with me the whole time but I kept forgetting to take it out and get some pictures of the party. whoops. I should have Kinneared everyone.

Our local chapter of Project Linus put out a request for some Colt's colors blankets. Peyton Manning and some other Colts players will be handing them out at a local hospital.

We pooled some yarn and this is what we came up with yesterday. I'm hoping we have enough for 2 blankets eventually.

Incidentally, my daughter who is autistic got a Project Linus blanket at the end of a special needs camp this summer. She chose a nice thick quilty PINK one, and she loves it! It was really awesome to see all these special kids get their own blanket and walk away with it. They were all full of smiles. It's a great charity so if you have some extra yarn or fabric, go make a blanket!

I was going to finish the Noro longies but after doing only a couple rounds and making a mistake before I'd even had a drink, I decided to put them away for some plain knitting.

I cast this sock on at Eric's and this is how far I got. I haven't made a plain sock in so long, I'm impressed with how fast it went! And I really like the colors together. Go Gryffindor!

While I didn't drink a LOT... I did have a couple margaritas and a beer so I decided it best not to try to turn the heel, so instead I cast on this scarf for aforementioned daughter (did I mention she likes pink a LOT?)

It's impossible to photograph this particular pink. It's neon but not as amorphously bright as it looks. And it changes colors a bit, though of course all I got through was the really bright part. It's better in person. This is that yarn that was originally $32 and I got it free. I love free!

Not bad for 1 day! I was there from about 4-10:30? more or less. I also wound up a couple skeins of laceweight and stopped to eat occasionally. It was great, and after I got home I didn't have to frog anything (even better!)