Stitches 'n' Scones booty

I went with DD and my friend Angela and her daughter to Stitches 'n' Scones this morning for the big sale. They give away 75 gift bags, first come first served. So we were there when they opened (but we weren't the first).

Here's what we came up with....

The pink fluff on the left was in my goody bag. I has a tag on it that says Yarn Baby and nothing else. The original price on it (which I didn't realize until I got home) was $32!? I really like the yarn, and I picked it to make a very very pink scarf for my special needs DD2 who love love loves pink. But still.... $32?! Shouldn't it be cashmere or something?

The fiber on the top is Fleece Artist Merino. C picked out the greenish one, I picked the pink. Those weren't on sale but they were still a great price.

The middle stuff was in the clearance section and my yarn pusher friend Angela and some other yarn pusher friends talked me into buying it. It *was* a really good deal, but I still felt guilty because it was NOT for *ANYTHING* in my queue and I'd made a rule about that. But, it was really cheap and it was pink (and DD2 really really REALLY loves pink... did I mention?)

The fluffy ball on the bottom right was in DD2's gift bag. I have no idea what she's going to do with it, it'll probably be a scarf some day, but she's a bigger collector of fiber than a knitter of fiber. (I don't have *any* idea where she might have gotten that trait from.)

The really dark green and grey balls are wool for a Dark Mark scarf. I've been looking for the perfect colors for that, and I haven't wanted most of the greens I've seen. That one is almost black it's so dark. I love it. (It's Galway, btw).

And the red and yellow balls are Fortissima Socka, for Gryffindor socks, of course!

All that was $65, which is cheap but I was feeling guilty about it until I got home and saw my very first license purchase in my in box... yipee! So I came out pretty good for the day, not quite even, but I'm very happy. And now I wish I hadn't put back that gorgeous lavender wool from the clearance rack that I just wanted to cuddle with.