This is a photoless post. I haven't had time to do pictures.

Usually after Christmas I am lamenting that no one ever buys me yarn. Last year my daughter (then 8) was the only one who got me yarn (from the dollar store, but still... she knows..). My husband seems to think that I buy yarn all the time so it wouldn't be special. My mom prefers to buy me clothes at Von Maur that I would never wear. I even went through catalogs and marked them up with which yarn I’d like, sent online wish lists, and everything. Never works.

This year I cleaned up! Apparently I said enough times “I really really *do* want yarn” and “Really, you can’t have too much yarn” and "all the yarn I buy all the time is work yarn, so it would still be special" that it finally worked.

My DH got me a ball of the sock yarn I was using for Christmas gift socks that I was really wishing weren’t a gift (Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bosco), and then wisely gave me a $50 gift certificate to my LYS. My sister apparently found some Jewel Box at Thrifty Threads and bought it all for me (for probably very little, but still, it’s yarn!).

My mom, I was really worried about. Friday before Christmas she called me asking me what size everyone is (even though I had written down for her 6 weeks earlier an index card of everyone’s sizes and color preferences), and admitted that she hadn’t gotten me anything at all yet. I was sure I was going to be spending the day after Christmas at Von Maur returning whatever they had left in their store for her to buy me on December 23rd that I wouldn’t like (she doesn’t seem to ever notice what I’m wearing because she always buys me things completely unlike the clothes I wear. Either that or she’d just prefer I wear something else)... Probably that...

Imagine my surprise when I opened a gift bag with a yarn keeper, needles (aluminum, in a size I already have… but..) and my Knit Picks catalog that I’d circled up for her with a note that said she got it ALL !

I was hoping for 1 sweater’s worth, or a pair of socks or 2. Nope, she got everything I circled as a wish. Enough yarn for Rogue, enough fingering weight yarn for 5 color gloves, 2 pairs of socks, and some gorgeous laceweight. Plus a set of acid dyes, and lace blocking wires. I can’t believe it. Sscore one for mom shopping late! I’d much rather have yarn that I want delivered next week than clothes I don't like.

With the $ from my husband I got another sweater's worth of wool, enough undyed sock yarn for Jeanie, some gorgeous purple Jitterbug, and another ball of sock yarn that I can't remember what it is. Pictures will have to wait.