Well last night at knit night I showed off my Christmas score, I knit several rows on the Pi shawl (just past 12% according to my handy chart I made up... really really depressing. It *looks* bigger than 12%). Wound up the purple jitterbug, picked up the Pi shawl again and found a mistake, ripped back 5 rows to fix it, and then worked 2 rows.

So, I'm exactly where I started from. But I still don't think it was time wasted. I had fun with my friends and got out of the house for a few hours.

it is just past 10:00 and everyone is asleep. The dog is at my mom's, the house is clean enough to leave it, and car is packed. (Oh speaking of mom, she "loves" the wool socks, she told me today after she wore the. Ha! another convert.) Things are going much better than usual time-wise, packing for a vacation for our family. I will likely be in bed at a reasonable hour.

I am taking yarn for like 8 projects, I have no idea which ones I'll end up working on. Seems like I always take something that ends up having a problem, not working out, or being too big/diffuclt to work in the car. So this time I am taking a bunch, and we'll see how it goes. I have a custom order for some large pants, so I'll definitely be working on that. Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine. There should definitely be socks.

Still no pictures. The camera is packed, and there was no time for inventory of yarn today. This time Monday we'll be in Florida, where today it was 85 degrees. Time with my family, not in a hurry, not trying to get work done or get someone somewhere or anything.

'Course there's also 20 hours of time in the car with 3 kids under 10. But I have lots of knitting and headphones.

Pictures when I get back, I promise