We got home from Florida yesterday and we brought the warm weather with us.

I got some knitting done:
More on that later.

The bad news is I broke our camera. I was so careful with it the whole trip, I kept the wrist strap on or kept it in the camera case. Then on on Friday night I had the case clipped to my purse and it hung down between the van and the door and I closed the door. I didn't close it hard before realizing something was in there, and since it was in a padded case I didn't think that much of it, but the next day I discovered that the LCD is trashed.

What this means is that the camera still works, but I have no idea what pictures I'm taking. I can still turn the flash on and off, but I don't know if it's on or off until I take a picture and find out. I can't control any other settings, white balance, resolution (it's stuck on high, which I guess is better than stuck on low), or any other settings. This means my pictures will look like shit for a while until I get it fixed.

It also means that I have been taking many many extra pictures to make sure I got a good one (lots of them are out of focus). On the last day, on the way home, it stopped taking pictures. I thought the battery was dead, but when I got home and plugged it in, it turned out that my card was just full. 887 pictures (ALL since we left on 12/29). That's a LOT of pictures.

Here this is one of them:
And since I just feel like it (and to force you to read through the vacation portion of my blog...)
Announcing my first ever blog contest.
The contest has 2 parts.

Part 1: Guess how many miles we put on our van on the trip. First person within 50 miles wins. If no one gets within 50 miles then the first person within 100 miles wins. If no one gets within 100 miles then the closest person. The trick is when to guess, because the longer you wait to guess the more information you'll have to go on about where we went. For now I will only tell you that we live in Indianapolis, and that we went to Disney World, but that that wasn't the only place we went.

Part 2: Guess how many yards of yarn I knitted while away. Um, first person within 50 yards wins (or 100, or closest, blah blah blah). All I'm going to tell you is that we we left Saturday 12/27/07, and that we returned Monday around dinner time 1/7/07.

And I'll give you these pictures as clues...

This may or may not be everything that was knit on the trip. Probably not... but both of these items were started and finished away from home.
Rules: There aren't really very many rules. Send your guesses to sheepytime at gmail dot com between now and next Tuesday 1/15. Oh, and you can only guess once for each part. (Well you can, but second guesses won't count.)
Winners will get a choice of a cool prize that I haven't exactly picked yet. But there will be yarn. Or a copy of one of my patterns. Or a small knitted something. Washcloth or diaper doubler or something. One winner for each part. I already know the exact mileage, but I still have some calculating to get my best guess for the yardage.
Oh, and if you live here and you're coming to knit night on Thursday, you have to put your guess in before then because I'm going to bring stuff with me.