Some more catching up

Here are some more things I've been working on recently (none of them brown):

Molly's socks, v 2.0
These are made from babyboo, which is such yummy soft yarn, I love it. The socks are fairly thick, but she can still wear them with her Crocs, which is what she wears 90% of the time. I think I may have to make myself some.

I weighed the first sock, thinking I might get 2 out of a 50g ball. It was 26g. Dang it! I think I will make her another pair of shorter ones, though, with the other 24g. She's worn them so much since I finished them, but they really show no signs of wear, so that's encouraging.
Here's a washcloth I made for St. Patrick's Day. It's a super easy slip stitch pattern I made up on the fly (the same one I used for the red price washcloth).
And I've been swatching on the Dickinson Pullover. I'm making it in the round instead of flat, so I'm swatching on a sleeve. I think I've got it right now and so I'm moving on (slowly).

Still working on names for the mitts. Some good ones have been suggested, but I'm not totally attached to any of them yet. I don't want to name them after me because they're for kids, not for me. And I don't want to name them after my daughter because I don't want to imply girlishness.

Keep the ideas coming :) I'm not going to share my favorites just yet because I think sometimes hearing an idea makes it harder to think of a new one.