The longer I go without posting on my blog, the more I feel like I have to have something really really important to say, something great I have to reveal. Some great masterpiece I've been working on that's kept me so busy I haven't had time to type a whole sentence.

The truth is I've just been plain, ordinary busy. I worked on the mitts. I knit a million pairs of shorts for the store. I embellished. I volunteered at school. I carpooled, I delivered, I cooked dinner and cleaned the bathroom (less often than I care to admit on that one).

But I really had nothing at the moment to show you, and I'm not nearly as good at describing my everyday life as the Yarn Harlot. And now that I've got a few minor things I could post, I'm feeling like everyone will be thinking, we waited a month and all you have to show us is yarn!?

So, I have nothing to say, but I wanted to break my streak of not posting.

Tomorrow I will post yarn.