The Greencastle Fiber Event was awesome!

There was so much yarn and fiber that a couple of times I was actually overwhelmed.
We were good and shopped more than half of the booths before I saw this

Which I had to buy immediately. It's Alpaca silk.

I luuurve it.

It's considerably harder to spin than any wool I've used before, but, I'm getting it.

I did not even look at the wheels because I know they're not in my price range. I want one. A lot. I figure the only way I'm going to get one is if I find a used one somehow.
The other thing I went specifically to get was this: 1500 yards of organic undyed wool. I also got some natural dye stuff.

I've been collecting various undyed yarn, soon to appear (dyed) in my store, but I didn't have anything organic until now.

Stay tuned!
Oh and one other thing found it's way into my car.
She is an Angora English doe, about 7 weeks old.

Caitie has been asking for a rabbit since last year's fiber festival. She got books from the library, researched it a lot. I've said for years that I would let her get a pet when she turned 10. Which it so happens, she will be doing tomorrow. Dang, how did that happen so fast?