Not Nothing

I may not have been posting, but I haven't been doing nothing.

This is most of the knitting I did in March for the store

They range from newborn to 3T. Details to come on how to make those cargo pockets (those were fun :)

There are a few more things that aren't shown above. I'm in the midst of embellishing.
When I blocked and washed all of these, the amount of dye that came out of that bright pink soaker was so strong that I dyed this skein of yarn with it. It's a very subtle pink/white, I love it. It's going to look adorable on some baby girl!
Also, I wanted to mention that April is Autism Awareness month. 1 in 150 children in the US is autistic. And 1 in 94 boys. It should be considered a national crisis.

Many of you know my daughter is autistic. It's something we deal with every single day. For April we're all doing our part to raise awareness. So 10% of sales from my store for the month (including patterns) will be going to the Autism Society of Indiana.

Caitie is growing organic tomato plants and selling them to members of our local food coop for a few bucks to raise money too. I am intensely proud of her.